Josh's Math Stuff

Ph.D. Thesis

Completed and filed May 23rd, 2003. There are several files:

Feb 2003 Talks

I gave 3 talks starting Feb 13, 2003 on contouring (my thesis). LaTeX for first set of notes; LaTeX for second set of notes; PDF for second set of notes.

October 2002 Talk

Here are my notes on the talk I gave on October 2, 2002 entitled "Three methods of computing the distance and closest point functions on grids" in LaTeX format.

Counting Pandiagonal Magic Squares

Here is my undergraduate thesis in Gzipped PostScript format. I researched and wrote this at Reed College during 1993-4.

December 2000 Talk

Here are my notes on the talk I gave on December 5, 2000 entitled "Intersecting subgroups of a free group" in Gzipped PostScript format and Adobe PDF format.

November 1999 Talk

This has some materials related to my talk on November 23, 1999 entitled "Graphs with a common finite cover."

Qual Study Materials

T-Shirt Images

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