Warcraft II - Computer Traffic Jams

As a programmer, I am very impressed with the artificial intelligence included in Warcraft II. AI is a very difficult problem, especially in a real time setting. As a player, I often get annoyed by how stupid my guys are. This, however, doesn't compare to what can go wrong if no human intervention occurs. In particular, the computer opponent AI can get it's units stuck in a traffic jam.

This is in Spiral. The turtles are blocking the oil tankers.
In Rivers, this time some jugs and destroyers are blocking the oil.
This in mine the center. Peon gridlock.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Blizzarding these next two:
Plains of snow. Moral: never build between your hall and your mine.
Plains of snow. Same map, same moral, dead opponent.
I especially liked that my (blizzarding) mage escaped unharmed -- thanks to a nice protective row of trees.

In us.pud, some footmen, archers, and peons are causing this traffic jam.

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