Warcraft II - My PUDs

Since I play almost exclusively 2 player co-operative Warcraft games, I'm always on the look out for new PUDs me and Darin to play. Unfortunately, we need very difficult levels to give us a challenge. I have made a few which give the computers an initial advantage, and I'll post them here as they are ready.

Pitch4k.zip - Pitchfork - Read a description here.

RivrIsle.zip - River Isle - Read a description here.

WspWaist.zip - Wasp Waist - Read a description here.

PlotsJ.zip - Eight Plots; Nowhere to hide, Josh's version - Read a description here.

And just for good measure, here are my 8 player PUDs:

Oublt8p.zip - Oubliette 8 player - Many small mines scattered throughout a fiendish maze.

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