August 1998 Backpacking Trip

Me, my friend Erick, my Mom Georgia, her husband David, and his friend Bob went on a backpacking trip to Summit Lake. We brought up Georgia's Nikon camera; both she and I took these pictures. We then had them developed and scanned onto PhotoCDs. There were a total of 168 pictures taken, a few of which are represented here. Note that we didn't take any pictures before the second day of backpacking.

Click on a thumbnail to get a larger version of the picture. All images are (C) copyright Josh Levenberg or Georgia Saltsman. Please do not use these images without permission.

Tuesday, August 11, Day 2 of Backpacking

Wednesday, August 12, Day 3 of Backpacking

Thursday, August 13, Day 4 of Backpacking -- The trip out

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